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BBQ 101





Although Three Legged Pig BBQ was officially founded in 2012, the family BBQ history goes back decades. John Olsen began smoking meat in his driveway in the early 80's for family and friends on a small smoker that could only hold about 1 brisket. As the family's love and addiction of barbecue grew, so did the smoker. In the early 90's John upgraded to a New Braunfel's Bandera upright style smoker that is still used in competition to this day.

John's appreciation of BBQ grew as he often would go to the American Royal to support a friend who competed in the event. By doing this John learned many tricks of the trade and enjoyed being the taste tester/guinea pig for his friend. This also led to a greater understanding of BBQ, including the competition scene.

In 2004 another member of the family joined in on the BBQ craze when John's son in law, Mike Dinkel, got his first smoker. For the next several years John and Mike would cook together, giving the family more BBQ than they knew what to do with. Not only did this help to sharpen John's BBQ skill, but the camaraderie made these events a summer highlight.

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Basic tips and tricks to use when serving up the best BBQ!

- Always use hardwoods (most nut tree woods and fruit woods are good). Never use soft woods such as pine.
- Meat will only take on smoke flavor for the first few hours of cooking. After the first few hours focus on temperature and not how much smoke you are producing.
- Remember to remove the membrane or "silver skin" from the bone side of the ribs. This can easily be done using paper towels to grip.
- When cooking a brisket you want your internal temp to reach around 185 degrees.
- Remember to not trim all of the fat off the meat. If you leave a small fat cap, it will render over the several hours of cooking and will help moisturize the meat.
- Try pairing different types of woods with different meats.
- Don't be afraid to experiment. Even "bad" bbq usually turns out pretty good.
We are proud to announce that coming soon, we will be offering the sauces and rubs we use for competitions to our fans!



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