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Although Three Legged Pig BBQ was officially founded in 2012, the family BBQ history goes back decades. John Olsen began smoking meat in his driveway in the early 80's for family and friends on a small smoker that could only hold about 1 brisket.  As the family's love and addiction of barbecue grew, so did the smoker.  In the early 90's John upgraded to a New Braunfel's Bandera upright style smoker that is still used in competition to this day.  John's appreciation of BBQ grew as he often would go to the American Royal to support a friend who competed in the event.  By doing this John learned many tricks of the trade and enjoyed being the taste tester / guinea pig for his friend.  This also led to a greater understanding of BBQ, including the competition scene. In 2004 another member of the family joined in on the BBQ craze when John's son in law, Mike Dinkel, got his first  smoker.  For the next several years John and Mike would cook together, giving the family more BBQ than they knew what to do with.  Not only did this help to sharpen John's BBQ skill, but the camaraderie made these events a summer highlight. 

            A few years later John's son, Jordan Olsen decided it was time for him to join in.  Jordan got his first cooker, a Horizon Ranger series backyard smoker.  After about a year of BBQ, Jordan decided it was time to take it to the next level, and he signed the trio up for their first BBQ competition in 2010.  Not knowing what in the world they were getting into, the three hoped to just not embarrass themselves.  They entered their first competition under the team name 3 OD BBQ, pulling the name from the fact that there were 3 of them with last names starting with O or D.  The name took on a life of its own since nobody could figure out what it meant.  Questions on the name ranged from "Does that mean 3 Odd Dudes?" to "Is that because you 3 have Overdosed on BBQ?”  In the first competition the team managed to earn a 7th place finish in the chicken category, and the 3 were hooked.

            Since the team was dedicated to continue competition BBQ, they decided they needed a team logo and sign to help them stand out.  John and Mike went back and forth on many ideas trying to incorporate both the image of a pig and their team name.  They eventually drew a silhouette of a pig that had only 3 legs and the name 3OD burning in the center of the pig’s body.  The new sign was unveiled later that year at their second competition, where they earned another respectable finish for a group in their first year of competing.  The trio continued competing under the name of 3OD for the next year earning more awards, including a 4th place finish for Mike and Jordan's daughters in a Kids 'Que competition in the summer of 2011.  That was enough to get the girls hooked and start a 3rd generation of BBQ camaraderie.

            2012 brought with it a small change.  Getting sick of explaining the meaning of 3OD to everyone that walked by, the team decided that since the pig silhouette had only 3 legs they should just call themselves Three Legged Pig BBQ and the iconic sign was altered to show the new name.  In 2012 they began competing under the new name and longtime friend Brandon Williams joined the team.  With all of the positive feedback that the group received from their barbecue, Jordan decided it was time to test the catering market.  He officially founded Three Legged Pig BBQ, LLC and a new adventure was about to begin.  Along with frequent catering, the team continued working on their competition skills.  They continued to improve and place higher in each contest they entered, in search of the elusive grand championship. You can find Three Legged Pig BBQ competing at various competitions in the Kansas City area, bringing food, fun and a friendly atmosphere with them wherever they go.